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Progress is being made!

20th February 2014


Update for all instructors who have contacted us so far!


The new system is close to being trialed, you will be contacted over the next few weeks to complete your registration, and upload copies of your Driving license, ADI and Fleet Badges.  Full instructions and information on the process will be available on the registration pages of the website (All documents will be protected and treated with confidentiality).  It is necessary to enrol, register to the site so that we can test the system before it is released to the fleet industry.  You need to be in place before we can allow customers to buy training, so hopefully, work will follow once the system is proven.

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Use this link to register or login. You will then need to select the appropriate tab.

Office hours

You will be able to book training 24/7 online

TRAINERS, if you would like to be part of fleetdrivertraining.co.uk

click on the 'login' button at the top of the page to register, and follow the instructions.  If you have questions or need help with your registration, use the contacts page.

NOTE: To complete registration you will need to upload images of the FRONT and BACK of your Driving license, ADI and FLEET badges (Have them ready)

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