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Fleet Driver Training
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Reduce Collisions

Cost effective training, delivered simply, to help keep your drivers and vehicles working in a safe and efficient manner. Keeping them on the move.



Reduce Risk

Driver and company financial risks can be reduced by training your drivers with one of our 'Hands On' driving courses.



Save ££

Running, fuel and maintenance costs reduced. Less lost time. Improved residuals. Improved company image. Better insurance premiums.




You have a 'Duty of Care' towards your drivers, this helps TICK the BOX


fleetdrivertraining.co.uk will help you towards protecting yourself, your drivers and your assetts. Take the step towards a safer fleet.

It is widely accepted that one of the most effective training methods for your drivers is to get them out driving in the real world, watched by a fully qualified Fleet Trainer who identifies areas of their driving that need help, and coaches them on how to improve. 


Our 'on road' training courses are designed to provide the necessary skills to keep your drivers safe, and fuel efficient, in an entertaining and memorable way.

If you do not have a full time Fleet Manager - no problem, our 'on line' registration and booking process is quick and simple.  Once you have registered with us, help is at hand to guide you through the process, and we are always available on the phone to explain fleetdrivertraining.co.uk to you, should you need it!

If you need to talk to us about Fleetdrivertraining.co.uk or alternative forms of 'Bespoke' fleet driver training.....Click to the right!

Effective Fleet Driver Training, made simple, affordable and accessible.

How we make it easier and better...

  • Training 2 drivers for only £250. (thats up to 35% less than elsewhere)
  • Purchase your training day credits, and use them as and when you want.
  • Your chosen administrator can book training days online 24/7.
  • Effective 'on-road' training by highly qualified fleet trainers.
  • All paperwork is completed online and emailed or made available for download. (Training reports, certificates etc).
  • Fully automated system makes it easier for all concerned.
  • Cuts time, cuts costs, cuts accident rates, increases fleet safety.
  • If you thought that training your drivers was out of your reach, try us out, easy registration and payment options, simple booking on-line, one day at a time or in larger blocks, it's up to you!
  • Easy, simple and cost effective training - it ticks your box.

www.fleetdrivertraining.co.uk is a trading name of one of the premier driver training companies in the country, AcciDON'T Limited. Our website offers you the opportunity to book qualified, fleet registered with the DSA, Grade 5 and 6 instructors to provide driver training to your staff anywhere in the UK.

Fleet Driver Training


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